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Why Boudoir?

Whether your birthday or special anniversary is coming up, or you hit one of those special milestones in your life — Reached a fitness goal, got engaged or married, started a family, or simply decided I need to do something "100% for me"... 


Then you've come to the right place. We are Blush Boudoir Portraits and our goal is to guide you through pure self-empowerment through an uplifting, luxury boudoir session.


Everyday women just like you and me.

Boudoir Photography Before and After, Wisconsin
Before and after boudoir photo, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Boudoir photography before and after, champagne drinking
Wisconsin Minnesota La Crosse Blush Boud

Body of Work

Visit our gallery of Blush Beauties -- everyday women, transformed.


About the Experience

It's not just boudoir photography. It's truly an experience.

Wisconsin Minnesota La Crosse Blush Boud

See the Studio

Our modern, rustic studio is 2800 sq feet of sexy possibility.

"Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself."


The Boudoir Gallery

"Fall in love with the process of becoming he very best version of yourself."


Love Notes

"Body confidence doesn't come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you've already got."

"I did it for myself, I just wanted some pictures for me. I was nervous when I first came in but once we got started I was fine, I got dressed up, got my hair &  makeup done and I was ready to go."

"As an everyday woman, there are a lot of things and still a lot of things I'm not necessarily comfortable with, about myself.
But this process really really helped improve that."

"They were really great with giving instruction, very warm and welcoming...It was a really good experience, I would definitely come again for birthdays or Valentine's day."

- Miss M

- Miss K's Fab Friend

- Miss A

"Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life."

-Robin Sharma


The Blush Boudoir Process

We want to guide you through every step of the way, here's a sneak peek into our process...

Before Your Session: The Consultation!

Our goal is to make your boudoir session as comfortable, fun and as unforgettable as possible. We want to make the experience all about you! 

We start with a quick 15-min phone consultation or studio tour to get a feel for your vision. Once you book, we’ll send you a lingerie buying guide and our session prep checklist.


You’re welcome to reach out with questions or for outfit advice anytime.

Wisconsin Minnesota La Crosse Blush Boud
Woman in black lingerie. Wisconsin Minnesota Boudoir

During Your Session: The Shoot

We’ll go over all your outfits when you arrive at our three-story luxury studio. You’ll enjoy a glass of champagne in one of our comfy robes while our glam squad works their magic.


We’ll get to know one another and go over tips and tricks to get the most photogenic images.


Don’t worry! I’ll help coach you through facial and body poses the whole time. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t want the session to end!

After Your Session: The Reveal

Two weeks after your shoot, you’ll return to the studio. We’ll have our reveal session over a glass of wine!

This is my favorite part. There is no way I can tell you how you'll feel when you first see your images, it truly is indescribable.


All I can say is I'm used to seeing a lot of jaw-dropping faces and the occasional happy tears! You’ll choose your favorite images and any additional products you’d like to order.


Before you know it you’ll have the final product in hand to cherish for decades to come!

Wisconsin Minnesota Boudoir, woman in black lingerie lying on her back.
Woman in white lingerie looking at the camera. Blush Boudoir, Wisconsin Minnesota

The Overall Experience

Pampering you, coaching you during your session, laughing with you, and making you feel as amazing as you are! We want it to be an exciting experience that enriches your life. The best part is the memories of how you looked and felt are captured forever.

You ARE worth it! Even if you need the excuse to do it for someone else as a gift, we promise, it will absolutely be a gift to you. There is no one standard of beauty. No age. No size. Uniqueness is beauty. Confidence is beauty. Sexy is CONFIDENCE!

There is no excuse or reason needed other than you have this one life to live and you want to live it to the fullest.

Blush boudoir owner Liz Hilton.

About Your Photographer

My name is Liz Hilton and I'm the owner and photographer of Blush Boudoir Portraits!

The question I get asked most often is how I came to specialize in boudoir photography. It started with a destination wedding I shot in Jamaica… But the heart of it is that I love making women feel beautiful and see themselves in a new way, knowing that my work is having a positive impact on both my clients and their relationships … and, well, I’m really good at it! :)


Turning everyday women into sexy, model-esque, vixens (most of whom say they don’t see themselves as sexy) is what I live for. It requires skill that, frankly, not every photographer has. Boudoir is more than poses. (I’ll let you in on a secret, most photographers struggle with posing!) Small tweaks make all the difference!


Getting the non-model, girl next door — aka YOU — feeling confident and looking gorgeous is what I’m great at. You don’t need to know what to do or how to ‘be’ — you don’t need to love every aspect of your body or feel totally comfortable in front of the camera. I can work with you! I will make it happen. All you need to do is show up...


Blush Boudoir Testimonials

Our past (& absolutely gorgeous) clients wrote this for you! 

Woman in black and white lingerie, boudoir posing. Wisconsin Minnesota

"I did this for a gift and I ended up loving my book so much I didn’t want to give it up!"...

"This was such an amazing experience for me and I believe every woman should do it! I did this for a gift and I ended up loving my book so much I didn’t want to give it up! If you don’t have a significant other to do this for I would recommend still doing it for yourself.


Liz made me feel so comfortable and confident and my pictures turned out even better than I imagined. She takes the time to explain poses and how to control your face and body before the session. Also, her make up artist is amazing as well! I could not thank these girls enough for the job they did and how great they truly made me feel!"

-Miss K.

"I would highly recommend her!"

"I can't say enough great things about Blush Boudoir and Liz. She walks you through the whole experience and I loved my photos, it was hard to narrow them down when I made my album.


Every woman deserves the opportunity to have an experience like this one."

-Miss A.

Woman in black lingerie posing for brightly lit boudoir photo. Minnesota, Wisconsin
Boudoir photo of a woman in black lingerie lying on her back. Minnesota, Wisconsin

"I had the best time that I could ever imagine!!"

"I absolutely loved the whole experience!!! I instantly felt so completely comfortable. I had a great time getting my hair and make-up done and they made me feel so special.


I felt completely at ease as she was shooting. It was so much fun!! I highly recommend Liz!!"

-Miss S.

"I had such a great time with Elizabeth!"

"Definitely recommend to everyone if they’re looking to get a shoot done! They make you feel confident, don’t judge at all, and make everyone feel comfortable and beautiful! Great experience!"

-Miss K.

Boudoir photo of a woman in an unbuttoned shire and lingerie.

Our Studio

Blush Boudoir Portraits is a beautiful luxury boudoir photography studio located in Western Wisconsin.

We are close to La Crosse and just over an hour from Rochester, MN. Our studio was constructed with boudoir in mind and no detail was spared in making it the perfect space to create boudoir art. You can find it just off Highway 53 in fast-growing Holmen, WI.

Our studio is an impressive three levels and features giant privacy-frosted windows for gorgeous natural light. In addition, no-natural light sets illuminated with studio lighting to create sexy shadows and a more magazine/model-esque look for our clients. The studio offers rustic to glam backdrops to create smoldering to simply breathtaking boudoir portraits. 

Woman inblack lingerie and heels, standing on stairs. Minnesota Wisconsin Boudoir

Our Studio

Blush Boudoir Portraits is a beautiful luxury boudoir photography studio located in Western Wisconsin.

We are close to La Crosse and just over an hour from Rochester, MN. Our studio was constructed with boudoir in mind and no detail was spared in making it the perfect space to create boudoir art. You can find it just off Highway 53 in fast-growing Holmen, WI.

Our studio is an impressive three levels and features giant privacy-frosted windows for gorgeous natural light. In addition, no-natural light sets illuminated with studio lighting to create sexy shadows and a more magazine/model-esque look for our clients. The studio offers rustic to glam backdrops to create smoldering to simply breathtaking boudoir portraits. 

Blush Boudoir Portraits is a beautiful luxury boudoir photography studio located in Western Wisconsin.


Boudoir Is For All Women

At Blush Boudoir Portraits, We Believe Boudoir Is For Women Of All Ages And Sizes. Hear These Stunning Women's Experiences At Our Studio!

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered! Here are the most common questions we receive in regards to our Blush Boudoir Portrait Experience.

Session + General Info

How many outfits should I bring?

The package you choose, and, ultimately, the amount of time included in that package dictates how many different outfits we can accommodate in your shoot. Generally, our rule of thumb is one outfit per half hour because we want to focus on working with you. For boudoir shoots that are an hour plus, we recommend a minimum of two outfits -- usually something you are comfortable in (i.e., you feel is flattering) to start and then a second outfit you think is super sexy and on the edge of your comfort zone to finish. In either scenario -- whether you want to bring more outfits or fewer, we have a couple of options for getting more out of what you do bring: 1. Layering. Robes, cardigans, tailored jackets, even off-the-shoulder sweatshirts thrown over lingerie provide variety without having to change an entire outfit. Whatever it is, we'll make it sexy! 2. Implied Nudity. This is the illusion of nudity without actually showing anything. For example, you may have your back or side to the camera with your lady bits strategically covered with other parts of your body such as your hands or arms. 3. Partial to Frontal Nudity. For the more daring, if you'd like a few profile or frontal topless shots we can accommodate that (we are all ladies here, after all!). We will find out your preferences before we start shooting so we can ensure that you are maximally comfortable and that you get the most out of your session. 4. In the Sheets. Although we call this 'In the Sheets' it could actually be a blanket, sheet, or any piece of fabric used to strategically cover areas of your body you don't want to reveal, all while giving the illusion of nudity as you usually don't wear anything else (although if you want to wear bottoms, etc, you sure can!). If you'd like to include implied/partial nudity or an 'In the Sheets' aspect to your session, just let the photographer know before your session gets underway and we'll be sure to work it into your session time -- or you can add time to your session for $100 per half hour.

What package / how much time should I book?

We consistently hear from our clients that they didn't realize they were going to love their shoot so much, and wished they would've booked more time. Once you get started with the photography part of the session, you will understand this for yourself! Within minutes of your session, you will start to feel more comfortable...and your inner bombshell will start to emerge. By this time, we've figured out how to best photograph you, and you have figured out what we're looking for to get the best shots! The more looks you have...the more comfortable you are, and the sexier you feel...so we're able to get some amazing, more natural, super sexy shots. Having the extra variety with poses, sets and outfits is so wonderful...and the entire shoot is so much fun and very empowering, so we always encourage you to book as much time with us as your budget allows. This is a "once in a lifetime" experience for many of you, so we encourage you to go all out! If you would like to add time to any package or session, you can find this add-on in the ala carte section of ' The Investment' page. Also, if we are nearing the end of your session and you want to keep going, you may add time on for $100 per 1/2 hour (if our appointment availability permits).

How much time should I plan for?

Plan for 1 to 1 1/2 hours for makeup application, hair styling when applicable, getting dressed and getting on set and about a half hour per outfit. When purchasing a package, an approximate timeframe for how long the Experience will be is provided in the listing details.

This is for a special occasion. How far in advance should I book?

The sooner the better -- we book up! Wedding season (summer through fall) gets especially busy. At minimum, we recommend you book your session date a minimum of two months in advance of your special occasion. This allows time to get your proofs back, your order in and your products turned around. We take the utmost care with your photos and products and would never do a 'rush job.' We want your entire experience to be top notch from start to finish. **If two months out is not a possibility, please contact us and we will let you know of any available options for getting your session done in time.

Do you offer weekend sessions?

The studio is typically closed on weekends, but we do offer Saturday appointments based on availability. Saturday sessions are subject to a 15% up charge. (For example, if your session cost is $379, there will be a $56.85 upcharge). Due to limited availability, we do not offer appointments for discounted sessions on those days. Any current discounts or promotions can not be used toward previously booked sessions.

Where is your studio located?

Our beautiful 2800sq ft studio (which we lovingly describe as modern-rustic-glam... oh, it's all of those things ... trust us!) is located at 1101 Linden Drive Holmen, WI. Blush Boudoir Portraits is in a big gray building next to the Holmen post office not far from Highway 53 just north of Onalaska. You will see our signs, and parking is directly in front of the studio entrance. We can't wait to show you around!

Why should I choose Blush Boudoir Portraits?

We want you to be 100% sure you are choosing the right team for your photo shoot. There's a reason why our clients have such a hard time choosing their images...and why so many of our clients drive for hours to get to us or even fly in from out of state. THE TOTAL PACKAGE ... Our team, our studio, our skill at working with our clients, and the experience we provide as a whole sets us apart. This is true for most things in life and definitely boudoir: You get what you pay for! Our experience means we know what we’re doing + we know you will LOVE your photographs and entire experience here with us. ALL FEMALE TEAM ... In our opinion, having an all-female team is EXTREMELY important. We totally understand about body image and women's emotions, so it’s not difficult to get truly comfortable and sexy. MAKEUP + LASHES ... We include gorgeous makeup application tailored to boudoir photography that will transform you into your alluring best and beautiful (real hair) false lashes that you can keep and re-use. RETOUCHING INCLUDED ... Actual retouching (not to be confused with regular editing) is time consuming and difficult, but we include it in our services at no extra charge. We believe in celebrating each woman's unique beauty through boudoir and taking away distractions through editing -- so that skin is smooth and luminous, marks are removed and the body is gently contoured. OUR STUDIO ... The backdrops to your photos are everything -- they set the scene, create the illusion, and put the focus where it should be. We have invested in beautiful furniture and have created a setting that shapes our gorgeous photographs and gives them their unique look. We ARE the premiere studio for boudoir and beauty photography. PRIVACY ... We have tall ceilings and huge windows that let in lots of gorgeous natural light, but our windows are frosted so that no one can see in. We lock the studio while we are in session and more often than not, it's only the photographer and client in the studio during the shoot. PRICING ... It's true, quality boudoir isn't cheap. This isn't the type of session to skimp on because you DO want to look your best, however, you can feel good knowing that you are getting a lot of value for your boudoir session at BBP. We have a talented team that will ensure you look absolutely amazing from makeup to posing and our studio offers an equally stunning backdrop. Forget cheap hotels, ill-equipped, tiny studios or (gasp) your own home (do you really want to clean? would it even look good on camera?) with our studio your photos will look magazine-worthy. Even so, our pricing is really, really good. The average cost of quality boudoir is $1200-1500 and often that is for the session only.
THE BOTTOM LINE? ... Not only will your partner LOVE your sizzling, sexy photos, but we applaud YOU for making this investment in yourself! You may be shocked that the perfect gift to give...turns out to be the perfect present for you, as well. These photographs will leave you (and your sweetie!) breathless...but it's not just about taking a pretty picture....it’s the experience & what you take away from it. Quit thinking that you'll never look "like that". We wear many hats as women & make so many sacrifices. We are all too often our own worst critic, and as women, we know how we can be! Take away an awesome experience, and amazing photographs that will remind yourself that you are a beautiful, courageous, strong woman! It is truly one of the most amazing, empowering and fun experiences you will ever have.

What days of the week and times do you offer boudoir sessions?

Boudoir Sessions are Monday through Friday at 9:30a and 12:30p.

Do you help me choose outfits?

Once you book, we provide a Lingerie Guide + Session Prep Checklist to help you with your shopping and outfit selection. We will guide you to your best fit and where to shop for inexpensive, stylish lingerie. If you want some guidance while shopping, you can email or message us pictures of top contenders for our input. Otherwise you can bring more than you will wear and we'll decide what makes the cut the day of the session!

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Although this is not a frequent request, the times that a friend or two has been in the studio during a session has been totally fine! We ask that ... 1. You are sure that you don't mind an audience and that it won't interfere with your ability to get comfortable and stay focused on your session. 2. Your friend(s) will be your cheerleader. 3. You invite no more than two friends. 4. You let us know in advance. 5. Your friends hang out in the common areas. They can spectate but from a bit of a distance.


Reveal Your True Beauty

Let's talk about your perfect boudoir shoot! Get in touch with us by filling out the form below.

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Not a Fan of Forms?


Still Not Convinced?

Here are more questions from how to deal with nerves and concerns you may have, we've answered them just for you!

Nerves, Curves + Concerns

I'm excited, but nervous! What if I'm not sexy??

95% of our clients have told us that they are nervous and don't see themselves as sexy. As moms, wives, and regular, everyday women ourselves, we get it. Our job is to make you comfortable and the entire experience we provide from our skilled makeup artists to the studio backdrop to how we work with you and pose you will bring that sexy side out. You will be amazed. You might look at the ladies in our GALLERY and think they always look like that and were completely confident and not the least bit nervous, but that is totally false. They are everyday women just like you. We are honored to have the opportunity to photograph women of ALL shapes, sizes and ages, from all walks of life. Finding the unique thing that makes you most beautiful is the BEST part of our job. ... And there's champange!

Will you show me what to do?

100% YES!! Don't worry about not knowing how to be sexy, how to pose or what to do in general. We will be coaching you, directing you and posing you the ENTIRE time from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. In fact, we don't take the shot until you are right where we want you. We've got you -- and you've GOT THIS!

What if I want to lose a few pounds or have some body issues?

If you think the women on our site look like models (our clients will be so happy to hear that!)....that means we're great at what we do! Our clients are regular women...wives, mothers, new brides and business women - with the same issues we all deal with! We understand the desire to look absolutely stunning for your photographs, and we know all the tricks to hide the things you want to downplay as well as how to highlight your best features. We will pose, light, and style you to flatter YOUR figure and celebrate who YOU are so that retouching is a matter of removing the distractions and smoothing skin – not to mold and change you into what our culture is teaching us ladies we need to be. The bottom line is you don't need to worry about looking a certain way or losing weight. It's our job to make you look spectacular...and we know exactly how to do it.

Do you photograph curvy girls like me?

We can't believe this is a question (still, we get asked this quite a bit). Boudoir is for ALL women! Sexy is perceived. It is a feeling. It is exuded. It is confidence. There is no one physical representation of sexy. Yes, YOU are sexier than you know! Please trust us to bring it out of you. Rest assured you will LOVE your photographs and your entire experience! We have worked with many curvy women of various shapes and sizes -- all who walked away feeling and looking beautiful, empowered and sexy….and you will too! If you need a little extra boost, you have additional questions or need some extra reassurance that you can do this (and you can), be sure to book a boudoir consult appointment. You can come into the studio, see our smiling faces and photographs of women just like you.

Do you photograph women my age?

Some women close their minds to the possibilities of sexy portraiture when they reach a certain age that they feel is 'too old' for boudoir. There is no such thing! All women want to feel attractive and 'like a woman.' Don't give up on yourself -- you are still the total package and deserve to have this experience! If you have a significant other, they still see you (and WANT to see you) this way. Maybe they need a reminder. :) In boudoir there are no rules as to what you have to wear, how you have to be, or what sexy even is. Let's collaborate and create a dream shoot for you where you dictate what a sexy you is at this particular point in time. And if you don't know -- we'll figure it out together.

Will my session be private?

Absolutely! All of the windows on the main floor of the studio are opaque and you cannot see in or out. Only your photographer and the makeup artist will be in the studio at the same time as you. Exceptions to this would be in the rare instance that a session overlaps with another client or in cases of mini sessions, marathons, and boudoir parties when the sessions are back to back. As soon as the makeup artist leaves, the front door is locked to prevent any friendly delivery people -- or anyone else -- from walking into the studio during the session.

Will you use my photos?

We're proud of our work and we feel that all things surrounding the boudoir experience we provide are postivite ones. The vast majority of our clients are thrilled when we choose to use their photographs, but we definitely understand that there are some circumstances in which people do not want their images used, and we are always happy to honor those requests. Whatever you decide, we've found that having you fill out our Use of Photographs online form is the best way for us to manage your request. Please understand if the form is not completed before the session or during the initial proofing period, as copyright owners of the images and per your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions with your booking, your images may be used for promotional purposes. Please click HERE to complete our Use of Photographs form.

Can I visit the studio, meet you, and talk about my session?

ABSOLUTELY! We would LOVE to meet you and show you around our gorgeous studio,, answer any questions, and even help you determine the right package for you. We call this a complimentary consultation. You can schedule one here!

How sexy is sexy?

Well, that's up to you, and we'll talk about that to determine what you are wanting before we start your session. Know that we respect your boundaries. Your time with us is all about you -- what you are comfortable with and what you want out of your session. You will never feel any pressure to reveal more than you want to, but keep in mind that you might change your mind once you're feeling at ease in the studio. We do, however, like to keep our photographs beautiful and classy, and prefer "implied nudity" or the illusion of nudity -- we won't ever expose any lower lady bits. A few side profile and/or frontal topless shots may be done upon request.